Craft Brewers Conference


        Join us at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver this week. Anda will be speaking on Wednesday: Protecting Your Brand: Understanding Your Intellectual Property Rights.… read more

The Slow Rise of the Craft Distillery


                  The craft beer and wine industries have seen exponential growth in the past few years. There is an undeniable trend towards local artisan foods and beverages. The craft distillery should be able to capitalize on the same growth. But, the distilling market is not growing as… read more

State Brand Label Fees: Added Costs of Distribution

wine bottles

            It costs money to sell. This is even more true in the alcoholic beverage industry. In addition to license fees, bonds, and taxes, there are even more “hidden” fees alcohol manufacturers must take into account. One of these additional fees is the cost of state label registrations. State Label… read more

Contract Brewing and Custom Crush Arrangements


There are several ways for small start-up breweries, distilleries, and wineries to save on initial costs. One way is to set up an alternating proprietorship with another manufacturer. Another, is to contract with an existing manufacture with extra capacity to make your product to your specifications. The contracting brewery, distillery, or winery would obtain the… read more

Alternating what?

lauter tun

Starting with your own equipment in a leased or purchased space is not the only way to start a low budget brewery or winery. A brewery or winery can contract with an existing brewery or winery with extra capacity to use the space and equipment (this is known as an alternating proprietorship). Alternating proprietorships are… read more

Forget the Vineyard, start an urban winery!


Think you need to own a vineyard to start a winery? Think again; the urban winery is on the rise. Winemakers from New York to Seattle are locating their winemaking facilities in the city rather than the traditional rural setting near the winery’s vineyards. Amateur winemakers are taking risks and making award winning wines without… read more

It’s Just Business

its just business

A local couple want to buy a café. A grocer wants to acquire a few more stores. A restauranteur wants to purchase several brewpubs. A venture capitalist wants to buy a vineyard and sell some wine. Simple, right? Negotiate a contract for the sale, sign on the dotted line, and accomplish the goal. What should… read more